Suggested Guidelines for a Student Report on Work Experience

This page contains suggested guidelines which companies could use when asking a work
experience student to write a report on his or her work experience at their company.

Student Reports on their Work Experience Placements

The Foundation recommends that, in order for both the company and the student to gain the maximum possible benefit from a work experience placement, companies ask the students to write a report on their placement for the company.

Companies could adopt the guidelines on this page. Companies could add further requirements asking for supplementary information in the form of appendices, etc. They can also adopt their own guidelines independent of the guidelines on this page.

Contents of the Report

The report should include the following clearly identifiable sections:

1. Work Place and Work Undertaken. A description of the section of the company within which the candidate worked (including the goods and services produced), the position of that section within the company and the work done by the candidate (including the goods and services produced).

2. Technical Knowledge Gained. The technical knowledge gained by the candidate from the experience.

3. People Skills Gained. Ideas on how to work successfully with people gained from the experience.

4. Critical Assessment. The candidate's personal assessment of the worth of the work experience.

Length and Format

The report should be no more than four pages in length and a Word document.

The title of the report and the student's name should be included at the top of the first page. There is no need to have a separate cover page.

For the page layout students are asked to follow the standard guidelines which the School's students are asked to follow when preparing four-page research project papers for other events such as the Research Conversazione and the Foundation Prizes for Communication Skills presentations.

See Guidelines for the Preparation of Four-page Prize Papers

Note: These reports no longer completely follow the suggested format. Their format has been changed to suit the construction of a webpage. When originally submitted, they agreed with these guidelines.