Source Editor

FCKeditor offers you a possibility to view to the text you have written in the editing area in the HTML code. In order to view the HTML code press Image:Source.gif button on the toolbar.



After pressing Image:Source.gif button we can see the HTML code:


If you want to go back to the normal text just press Image:Source.gif again.

Editing the code in the HTML language is a very difficult feature and it should only be done by advanced users. If you don't have experience in HTML type the text normally.

Keyboard Keystrokes

Many functions in the FCKeditor have their keyboard keystrokes. They make the work with the editor faster and easier. Below you will find an alphabetical list with all of the keyboard shortcuts:

  • CTRL+A highlights the whole editing area
  • CTRL+B changes your font to bold.
  • CTRL+C copies the highlighted area to the clipboard.
  • CTRL+I changes your font to italic.
  • CTRL+L opens the Link window.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+S saves the document.
  • CTRL+U changes your font to underlined.
  • CTRL+V or SHIFT+INSERT pastes the data from the clipboard
  • CTRL+X or SHIFT+DELETE cuts the highlighted area.
  • CTRL+Y or CTRL+SHITF+Z starts the redo function.
  • CTRL+Z starts the undo function.
  • CTRL+ALT+ENTER fits the editor in the browsers window.