is a user-friendly home-grown Content Management System(CMS) used in the School since March 2007.

The system can power any type of website: personal website, laboratory information, guides, unit of study website, projects, etc. All websites need to be related to school activities and managed by staff or students in our school.

To request a WEBfast-powered website

Please email the IT Operations Manager and provide:

  1. The name of the site you want to build (for example: MyDreamSite),

  2. The scope of the website,

  3. If you're a student, please include the name of your suprvisor.

Your site will then be created at{directory}/MyDreamSite 

The site will be fully manageable online by role-based users, including uploading of files of most of types. For uploading files larger than 100MB please email the WEBfast Manager.

The system has been tested on:

  • Linux/Sun Solaris Unix/Windows with

  • Apache1/2 + PHP4/5 + MySQL3/4/5