Conditions of Use of Computing Facilities

Hundreds of users share the information systems in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering University of Sydney.

To ensure the safe, efficient, responsible and secure operation of the systems all users must comply with the following conditions.

You must read and have understood the conditions of use before submitting an application for access to extro. If you have any doubt about your understanding of the conditions of use you should contact your year advisor or course lecturer and seek clarification. If your application is approved you will be deemed to have read and understood the conditions and agreed to abide by them.


Users: means all people employed by the University, all students, all users of the University's information systems and all users of any other system where access is by means of a service or facility provided by the University.

Information Systems :means all computers, datasets, software, documentation, terminals, peripherals, networks, communications equipment, services, resources or other facility that the University owns, leases or uses under licence or by agreement.


You must abide by all University resolutions and rules.

  1. You must only use the information systems or parts of the system that you have been authorised to use and only for the purpose for which the authorisation was given.

  2. You must not allow any other person to use your access for any reason and must take all reasonable precautions, including password maintenance and file protection measures, to prevent unauthorised access. You must not attempt to discover any other user's password.

  3. You must not use the information systems for profit making or commercial activity unless you have prior written approval from the Head of School.

  4. You must not access, alter, move or remove information, proprietary, software or files (including programs, members of sub-routine libraries, data or electronic mail) without prior written approval from the Head of School (or delegate)

  5. You must know and observe the terms of the relevant software licensing agreements and copyright laws.

  6. You must not offend, harass or threaten another person, nor store or transmit material designed or likely to do so.

  7. You must not attempt to repair or interfere with any component of the information system. All faults or suspected faults must be reported.

  8. Your use of external networks connected to the University information systems must comply with the policies of the organizations responsible for those networks.

  9. You must never compromise or attempt to compromise the security of any information system, nor exploit or attempt to exploit any security deficiency.

  10. You must not attempt to obtain computer time, disk space, computer space or other resources unless you are entitled to them.

  11. You must not install, transmit or use any method, including software or software virus, that may degrade, damage, sabotage or subvert any information systems.

  12. You must pay the rates and fees as stipulated.

  13. You must notify immediately the Head of School of any breach or suspected breach of the Conditions Of Use.

  14. The School of Electrical and Information Engineering reserves the right:

  15. to terminate access for the breach of any of the Conditions of Use and, in the event of such termination, any credit in the user's account will be forfeited;

  16. to halt, restrict or limit any user's access to information systems and to inspect, copy, remove or alter any data, file or system resource which it deems detrimental to the authorised use of any information system;

  17. to check periodically any information system or data to ensure compliance with the Conditions of Use;

  18. to vary or withdraw any service at any time without notice.

  19. Disclaimer: The University accepts no responsibility for:

  20. loss or damage or consequential loss or damage, arising from the use of it's information systems.

  21. loss of data or interference with files arising from it's efforts to maintain the information systems.

  22. You are expected to be considerate of other users at all times. You may not monopolise system resources or make such heavy usage thereof that you interfere with other users.

  23. You may not use any part of the system for private purposes or games if
    that usage in any way interferes with users undertaking University-related research, study or other business.

  24. You must read the Conditions of Use of Computing Facilities.

  25. You must read the Laboratory Regulations

Acceptance of Conditions of Use

I have read, understood and agree to abide by these Conditions of Use.