Most cited paper  in IEEE Trans Wireless  -  since 2010

[20 Oct 2010]

Dr Raymond Louie, Dr Yonghui Li and Prof B. Vucetic's paper , "Practical physical layer network coding for two way relay channels: performance analysis and comparison",  from IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications¸ vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 764–77, February 2010

is the most cited paper in IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications since 2010, according to ISI (out of 669 entries).

This paper shows that a power-allocation network coding approach can significantly improve the error and rate performance compared to a conventional routing approach, motivating the use of network coding techniques to support the proliferation of wireless devices and their applications.


L-R: Dr Raymond Louie, Prof Branka Vucetic, Dr Yonghui Li