Prof Branka Vucetic honoured for her contribution to technological innovation

[9 Dec 2015]

Prof Branka Vucetic has been recently named as Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. The academy is an independednt body of 800 eminent Australian engineers and scientists progressing Australia through technological innovation.

Professor Branka Vucetic is recognised as a world leader for her contributions in channel coding theory and its applications in wireless communication systems. Her innovations have had a world-changing impact on technology. She led a team that invented soft output detection and decoding methods that made mobile phones more reliable. She also produced significant achievements in the field of signal processing for multiple-input multiple-output antennas and wireless sensor networks that are leading the next phase of transformational smart infrastructure technologies. She held various research and academic positions in the UK, Yugoslavia and Australia, before joining the University of Sydney in 1986.

Branka at ATSE reception for new ATSE Fellows

Prof Branka Vucetic with the ATSE President Dr Alan Finkel at the reception for new ATSE Fellows


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