Smart grid, Smart city - Customer Trial Seminar

Smart Grid, Smart City is a $100 million Australian government funded project, led by Ausgrid and supported by consortium partners.

The University of Sydney, through its association with Ausgrid, has been involved in conducting some of the research associated with the Smart Grid, Smart City project.

The project is testing a range of smart grid technologies; gathering information about the benefits and costs of implementing these technologies in an Australian setting. Up to 30,000 households will participate in the project.

At this seminar, you will learn about smart grids, energy resource management and grid application components. We will focus on the importance of the Smart Grid, Smart City trials, the customer selection process, trial offerings and the benefits to participating in the project. A review of the findings of the customer trial to date and the approach to reporting the overall trial findings will also be discussed, as well as the opportunities for research and development based on the trial data.

You will also learn how and where to find out more information about the Smart Grid, Smart City project and how you can get involved in this important initiative.


11am, Friday 27 September, 2013


Sir William Tyree Power Engineering Auditorium 

School of Electrical & Information Engineering, J03. Faculty of Engineering and IT
Maze Crescent University of Sydney


Kim Fitzpatrick

Program Manager, Customer Application, Smart Grid Smart City Program, Ausgrid

Tom Barry

Director, Smart Grid initiative, Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism


Please email by 23 September 2013


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