Working in the EIE labs

All students, who will be working in any of EIE labs, are required to complete the current health and safety induction, which is hosted in the learning management system . Staff must complete the university and local safety inductions prior to working in the labs.

All students and staff must understand the hazards/risks in the lab as stated in the risk assessment form and follow the  procedure inside the labs.
Students, who refuse to follow the procedure, will be asked to leave the labs.

Certain activities may have specific risk assessment and safe work procedure, which can be found in the WHS repository. If there is no risk assessment or safe work procedure for your activity, please contact the school safety officer.

Undertaking a project

Coursework students will be required to undertake a project in the course of their study, which is either a final year project for undergraduate students or a capstone project for postgraduate students. They will be given access to the "EIE project notebook". If they have not received any email invitation to access this notebook, they should contact the school safety officer .

Coursework and HDR students and staff are required to discuss safety matters with their immediate supervisors. The initial project assessment form must be completed prior to commencing the project and reviewed at least once annually. High risk activities must be reviewed quarterly.

Coursework students must upload the form to their "EIE project notebook" while staff and HDR students must send the form to the school safety officer.

When you or someone is ill or injured

All staff and HDR students must inform their respective supervisor immediately. Coursework students should inform their lecturer or tutor when they are ill or injured during teaching session.

For any minor injury requiring first aid, contact a nominated first aid officer listed below. 

Name Office Phone number
Ms Rita Wong 402 9351-3229
Dr Johnson Thie 265A 9351-4245
Dr Rui Hong Chu 441 9351-2198
Dr Thomas Huang 632 9351-2657

The University Health Service offers a general practitioner and "walk in" service for staff, students and visitors on the Camperdown/Darlington Campus. Priority is given to emergencies or those in pain or distress. The University Health Service is located at Level 3 Wentworth Building (G01), 9351-3484 and Entry Level Holme Building (A09), 9351-4095.

If a person is seriously injured, ill or unconscious, inform your supervisor/lecturer/tutor and call an ambulance immediately on 0-000 from a university phone or 000 or 112 on a mobile phone (112 works on a locked phone or one with insufficient credit.) Be ready to provide the following details:

  • your name,
  • location (building name/number and room number),
  • number of people involved, and
  • details of the medical emergency.

Call 13333 from a university phone or 9351-3333 from a mobile phone to alert the university's security patrol who will escort or direct the ambulance to the site of the emergency and arrange for First Aid to be provided in the interim. Send someone to the main building/property entrance to flag the ambulance as it approaches.

Building evacuation

The building has the following alert and alarm tones:

  • BEEP ... BEEP ... >>> Alert tone - prepare to evacuate
    1. Check for any sign of immediate danger
    2. Shut down equipment and processes
    3. Collect any nearby personal items
  • WOOP ... WOOP ... >>> Evacuate the building
    1. Follow the exit signs
    2. Escort visitors and those who require assistance
    3. Do not use lifts
    4. Proceed to the assembly area

There are two assembly areas, namely,

  1. If you exit to the engineering walk, proceed to the lawn outside the civil engineering and PNR buildings.
  2. If you exit to Maze Crescent, cross the road and proceed to the lawn.

DO NOT ENTER the building until the "all clear" has been announced by the university emergency personnel or the attending Emergency Services. (That means that you MUST NOT enter the building even when the alarm stops - emergency services turn off the alarm when they enter the building to investigate but it is still not safe to enter.)

Incident and hazard reporting

When an incident occurs or when you notice a hazard, notify your supervisor immediately. He/she will take the details and report it to the university's system, "RiskWare".

If an injury has occured, the procedure outlined above should be followed.

Risk assessment and safe work procedure

Risk assessment and safe work procedure documents can be found in the WHS repository ( > Risk Assessment and Safe Work Procedure).

If there is no risk assessment or safe work procedure for your activity, please contact the school safety officer.