Welcome to the University of Sydney’s ‘Degree In A Day’ and the tutorial on Integrated Circuit (IC) Design!

Students will participate in a tutorial demonstration on Digital Integrated Circuit (IC) chips which are commonly found throughout all modern application and walks of life – such as in CPUs, GPUs and Microprocessors!

Our hands-on tutorial demonstration will provide students with the fundamentals to understanding how Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors (CMOS) circuits operate, illustrate their advantages (such as combating noise), together with their place and potential in the industry.

Students will be provided a hands-on opportunity to follow the design and verification processes for standard industry digital circuits using Cadence (which is the commercial software used throughout the microprocessor industry). This opportunity offers valuable insight into the research and development being undertaken at the University of Sydney – with the aim to guide and provide inspiration to our future circuit designers, which can be attained via our university degrees.