MCRoomSim is a multichannel shoebox room acoustics simulator used for generating reverberant room impulse responses of any user defined rectangular room.

Please refer to the accompanying paper. Paper on MCRoomSim 


  • Realistic in-room microphone array simulation for the evaluation of beamforming or spatialisation techniques
  • Playback of virtual echoic sound fields in 3D
  • Spherical harmonic expansion of echoic sound fields
  • Evaluation of directive sources in an echoic room

Key Features

  • Extension to MATLAB (mex) written in C
  • Fully configurable using the MATLAB interface
  • Both specular and diffuse reflections are simulated
  • Any number of multichannel sources and receivers can be simulated
  • Both sources and receivers can be configured with their own directivities from a standard set (e.g. dipole, cardioid, etc.)
  • Source/receiver directivities can be custom definied using:
    • Directional impulse responses
    • Directional gains
  • Source/receiver directivities can be configured with a spherical harmonic expansion up to a set order
  • A set of source directivities for various orchestral instruments along with male and female speech are provided


MCRoomSim is freeware and is available for download below. Platforms supported are Windows 32, Windows 64 and Mac OSX.

Download MCRoomSim (Version 2.14, latest version).