School of Electrical and Information Engineering,

The University of Sydney

FPGA-based Machine Learning

Postdoctoral Researcher (1 year contract, renewable)

The University of Sydney is a world-renowned university offering the highest quality teaching, learning, and research facilities.  Sydney is located on Australia's south-east coast and features year-round sunshine and the world's best beaches. The Computer Engineering Lab ( in the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering is seeking postdoctoral researchers and PhD students for a research initiative funded by the Australian Research Council and Zomojo Ltd. Applicants should have completed their PhD in reconfigurable computing or a closely related discipline and be interested in machine learning.

This project is focused on the challenge of applying real-time machine learning to massive high-frequency data streams such as those seen in financial markets or internet traffic. We will improve upon current machine-learning techniques and innovate methods for translating computationally complex machine- learning algorithms directly to circuit-based execution. The key will be a hardware-based solution which avoids the overhead delays incurred by software running on a processor. If real-time high-speed machine learning can be realized on a hardware-accelerated platform, the applicability of machine learning applications can be broadened.

Interested candidates should email a resume/CV to: