Jia-Chen Hua

Research Associate

Computer Engineering Lab
School of Electrical and Information Engineering
Room 856, Building J03, Maze Cresent
University of Sydney, NSW, 2006

Phone: +(612) 9351 4491
ORCID: 0000-0002-6591-1417
Email: JiaChen(dot)Hua(at)sydney.edu.au

Current Research Interests

  • Data mining and machine learning from dynamical system
  • Nonlinear dynamics, time series, and geometric data analysis


Hua, J.-C., Roy, S., McCauley, J. L. & Gunaratne, G. H. Using dynamic mode decomposition to extract cyclic behavior in the stock market. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 448, 172–180 (2016).
Hua, J.-C., Gunaratne, G. H., Talley, D. G., Gord, J. R. & Roy, S. Dynamic-mode decomposition based analysis of shear coaxial jets with and without transverse acoustic driving. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 790, 5–32 (2016).
Roy, S., Hua, J.-C., Barnhill, W., Gunaratne, G. H. & Gord, J. R. Deconvolution of reacting-flow dynamics using proper orthogonal and dynamic mode decompositions. Phys. Rev. E 91, 013001 (2015).
Hua, J.-C., Chen, L., Falcon, L., McCauley, J. L. & Gunaratne, G. H. Variable diffusion in stock market fluctuations. Physica A 419, 221–233 (2015).
Hua, J.-C. & Huang, Y.-C. Quantum Radiation Properties of Dirac Particles in General Nonstationary Black Holes. Advances in High Energy Physics 2014, 707519 (2014).
Hua, J.-C. et al. Dynamical-systems analysis and unstable periodic orbits in reacting flows behind symmetric bluff bodies. Phys. Rev. E 88, 033011 (2013).
Seemann, L., Hua, J.-C., McCauley, J. L. & Gunaratne, G. H. Ensemble vs. time averages in financial time series analysis. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 391, 6024–6032 (2012).
Hua, J.-C. & Huang, Y.-C. Quantum radiation of general nonstationary black holes. EPL 85, 30007 (2009).
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