School of Electrical and Information Engineering,

The University of Sydney

Interfaces for Quantum Computing

Postdoctoral Researcher (1 year contract, renewable)

The University of Sydney is a world-renowned university offering the highest quality teaching, learning, and research facilities.  Sydney is located on Australia's south-east coast and features year-round sunshine and the world's best beaches.

The Computer Engineering Lab ( in the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering is seeking postdoctoral researchers and PhD students for collaborative research with the Quantum Nanoscience Laboratory in the School of Physics. The research will be located in the Australian Institute for Nanoscience, a $110 million building being constructed at the University of Sydney.

We are developing new, scalable methods and hardware to enable large-scale quantum computing. The driver for this major effort is the lack of commercial off-the-shelf hardware well suited to addressing the research challenges posed by quantum science. Research is focused around fast, low dissipation, cryogenic, switching technologies and single chip complete control systems that imbed DACs, ADCs and FPGAs at cryogenic temperatures.

Applicants should have completed their PhD in analogue VLSI design with knowledge of data converters, signal processing or a closely related discipline. Interested candidates should email a resume/CV to: or