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Welcome to School of Electrical & Information Engineering Wiki

A Wiki enables documents to be authored collectively in a simple markup language using a web browser. “Wiki wiki” means “super fast” in the Hawaiian language, and it is the speed of creating and updating pages that is one of the defining aspects of wiki technology.

EIE Wiki is powered by DokuWiki - a standards-compliant, simple-to-use wiki which allows multiple users to create, modify and organize web page content in a collaborative manner.

“Unlimited page revisions allows restoration to any earlier page version, and with data stored in plain text files, no database is required. In other words; DokuWiki is a wiki written in PHP and requires no database. See the features section for a full description of what DokuWiki has to offer.

Registration Note

All Registrations are moderated by the wiki administrator and captcha technology is used to ensure that the response is generated by a human being. Please register with your university email address.

List of current namespaces

How to add new wiki pages

  1. If new to EIE-Wiki, Register and once you received your password by email go ahead and Login. Note that as an auto-registered user you only have access to wiki documentation.
  2. To access the eie-docs you need to be added to the staff group and notified by the wiki adminsitrator.
  3. To access the eie-ohs you need to be added to the ohs group and notified by the wiki adminsitrator.
  4. To access the cel you need to be added to the cel group and notified by the wiki adminsitrator.
  5. To access the gridcom you need to be added to the gridcom group and notified by the wiki adminsitrator.
  6. Click on the “Index” button (on the bottom right of this page) and select the namespace from the list displayed
  7. Create a page as in every other wiki: simply create a link from an existing page to a non-existing page, follow the link, and click on “Create this page” button (on the topleft in the default template)
  8. Edit a page by clicking the “Edit this page” button.
  9. The creation or editing of a page leads you to an edit window that enables you to enter wikitext.
  10. Once you're done, press the “save” button and the page is then rendered into HTML.
  11. If you save an empty page, the page is deleted.
  12. If you can't see the “Edit this page” button (top left corner) it means you don't have enough rights to do it.
  13. You can export a page(.odt plugin) to the Open Document format used by and other word processors. You can read .odt files with Microsoft Word apply templates or convert to PDF. Just click the “OpenOffice icon” (on top left of the page)and save it on your machine.

Tip Note

The playground is for you to test wiki syntax and commands…best place to start is the FAQ link below.

Technical Support

The website has a comprehensive documentation repository, including;

Happy wiki-ing! :-D

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