Student close-up : David Hughes

BE (Electrical)
1st Class Honours University Medal

David completed his university studies on a cadetship with EnergyAustralia - a five year program involving four years full-time study and one year of full-time employment.  He is now employed on a graduate rotation program with EnergyAustralia, experiencing a variety of different Engineering roles within the power industry.

Why Engineering ?

A career in Engineering allows you to apply a passion for Science and Mathematics to real world situations.  It involves solving problems of interest to business, government and community audiences.  Engineering exposes you to emerging technologies and the challenges involved with incorporating these ideas into everyday reality. It is a rewarding career path, where you will be shaping the profile of various industries into the future.

Where Engineering can lead you

Studying Electrical Engineering allows you to pursue interests in various technical fields including power, electronics, telecommunications, software and hardware engineering.  More generally however, engineering teaches a foundation of thinking which opens doors to a variety of career opportunities.  The unique mindset and problem solving abilities of engineers makes them popular candidates in a wide range of fields including finance, management and consultancy.

Career Path

Combining full-time study with relevant work experience has allowed me to gain a real appreciation of the power industry, and the application of the skills acquired at university in the world of business.  The energy industry is currently experiencing growth and transformation, with new technology evolving and a worldwide demand for clean energy continually strengthening.

Employment on EnergyAustralia’s graduate development program has allowed  me to gain an appreciation of the many facets of the power industry, ranging from planning and design to construction, project management, technology development and system operations. I endeavour to undertake further studies to solidify my understanding of the business environment and to maximise the opportunities for my future career.

Why study Engineering at the University of Sydney?

The University of Sydney offers quality Engineering degrees (including a specialised Power Engineering degree) with a strong technical focus supported by invaluable practical experience.
The University encourages students to recognise their potential and provides a socially active and diverse environment in which to excel. I have never looked back from choosing to study Engineering at the University of Sydney and I highly recommend it for your consideration.