Software Engineers


Software engineering addresses all aspects of software production from strategy and design to coding, quality and management.


Our undergraduate programs include the Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software) and Bachelor of Project Management (Software). 

Your Studies

This degree program includes foundation studies in mathematics, computer science and computer system principles, on which further studies in software design, development, security and management are built, including programming languages, databases, operating systems and enterprise and internet scale systems.

You can expect to study:

  • programming and computer languages
  • data structures
  • algorithms and databases
  • data-centric computing – operating systems
  • software project management.

A key feature of this program is that you can start specialising in your first year, by choosing software engineering electives from many different areas, including:

  • business software
  • systems and hardware
  • computer-aided design (CAD) 
  • multimedia
  • biological information.

Your Career

Australia and the Asia–Pacific region are currently experiencing high demand for software engineers in all industry sectors, and this demand is expected to grow significantly over the next decade.

As a software engineer you might choose a career as a: 

  •  software engineer
  •  internet or multimedia developer
  •  web applications developer
  •  technical software specialist
  •  software implementation consultant
  •  internet software specialist
  •  software contractor
  •  design team leader
  •  systems administrator
  •  analyst programmer
  •  database application programmer.

You might find yourself designing advanced information systems in the business sector; building technical systems for the medical, power or transport industries; or developing new network technologies in the rapidly growing telecommunications area.

Our graduates become entrepeneurs and engineers that change the world. Learn about about graduates Ryan and Simon who sold their company to youTube. You too can do it!

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