Student close-up : Yang Tang

BSc Beihang, ME, PhD

Yang Tang completed a Bachelor of Engineering in China before coming to the University of Sydney to do a research program. Yang completed a ME and was then supervised for his PhD by Professor Branka Vucetic. He was subsequently employed by Nortel Networks in Canada.

Why Telecommunications? Because it is exciting and its revolutionary changes will continue to have an impact on the way we live.

Yang returned to the University of Sydney to do his PhD and when asked "why Sydney" he commented that the international reputation of the university and the range of research fields were major factors in his choice. His telecomununications research enabled him to work with signal processing, digital communications, modulation and coding.

In addition, he notes that "the University of Sydney research environment is outstanding and students are encouraged to intellectually interact with both content and colleagues in a way that allows prior knowledge to be integrated with new information."

Prior to graduation Yang was approached by Samsung Korea, to work on research focusing on defining the requirements of the new wireless technology, WiMax, a vision towards pervasive mobile computing.  This has been followed by research on defining and shaping future wireless communications systems with FutureWei (the research centre of Huawei) in San Diego.

Today’s competitive telecommunciations industry demands talented engineers with solid backgrounds, enthusiasm, an international view and the ability to adapt to change. Yang readily concedes that his periods of study at the University of Sydneygave him the skills and honed those other essential graduate attributes.

“ the competitive telecommunciations  industry demands talented engineers with solid backgrounds, .........and perhaps, most importantly,  the ability to adapt to change. “