Research Graduate Supervision

If you are interested in pursuing a research degree in our Wireless Networking Group (WiNG), please send me your resume, transcripts, and a short research proposal by email. We have several new PhD openings in different projects related to wireless mobile networking. You can see the current students' thesis topics under their name in the table below to get an idea of our current research interest.

WiNG provides a friendly research environment for enthusiastic and energetic students and you are most welcome to join the WiNG family to pursue your higher degree ambitions. We also welcome short visits by international graduate students who want to collaborate with our group toward their PhD thesis.

Current Post-Docs, Postgraduate Research Students, and their Topics

  • Md Arafat Hossai, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
  • Ying Bi, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


  • Robert Webster, PhD, MAC Protocol Design for Underwater Communications
  • Komal S Khan, PhD, Content Caching in D2D and Ultra-Dense Cellular Networks
  • Md Sazzad Hossen, PhD, Architecture for Future Software Defined Wireless Networking
  • Muntadher Alshaik Ali, PhD, Access Independent Software-Defined QoS Provisioning for LTE-U-Wi-Fi
  • Iwan Adhicandra, PhD, Planning and Performance Evaluation of WiFi Coexistence with Unlicensed LTE Networks
  • Sarumathi Murali, PhD, Security for Future Internet of Things Networks
  • Umair Nazim, MPhil, Communications Techniques for Internet of Things Environment
  • Pat Taweewat, PhD, Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Musical Source Separation


  • Yisha Zhang, MPE, Wireless Powered Communications
  • Yangyi Tang, MPE, Wireless Powered Communications
  • Wentao Sun, MPE, Wireless Powered Communications
  • Yi Yin, MPE, Caching Techniques in D2D and  Cellular Networks
  • Aamir Ali, ME, Security and Privacy Techniques for the Internet of Things
  • Tianyang Zhang, MPE, Security and Privacy Techniques for the Internet of Things
  • Qing Li, MPE, Network Virtualization Techniques for 5G Cellular
  • Yuxin Yang, MPE, Network Virtualization in 5G Systems
  • Farzana Shabnam, ME, Privacy Consideration in Connected Vehicular Networks
  • Zhihao Zhu, MPE, D2D Content Caching and Communications

























WiNG Alumni: Our past graduates who enjoyed time at this lab ...

  • Sheng Zhao, MPE 2017, Relay-based Wireless Power Communications
  • Md. Arafat Hossain, Ph.D. 2017, Lab-in-a-Phone for Smart Sensing
  • Ying Bi, Ph.D. 2017, Enhancing Physical-Layer Security in Wireless Powered Communication Networks
  • Parisa Ramezani, MPhil 2017, Extending Wireless Powered Communication Networks for Future Internet of Things
  • Chalakorn Karupongsiri, Ph.D. 2016, QoS Techniques for Smart Meter Packets Transmission on LTE Networks
  • Aroba Khan, Ph.D., 2016, Network Modeling in Heterogenuous and Cooperative Cellular Communications
  • Bahareh Nazari, Ph.D., 2015, Contract Theory based Cooperative Relay Communication in Cellular Networks
  • Robert Webster, MPhil, 2014, Cooperative Resource Allocation on the Smart Grid
  • Smitha Shivshankar, Ph.D., 2014, Distributed and Cooperative Information Dissemination in Vehicular Networks
  • Saber Jafarizadeh, Ph.D., 2014, Distributed Coding and Algorithm Optimization for Large-Scale Networked Systems
  • Md Tanvir Hoque, MPhil, 2014, Energy Efficient Routing for Wireless Body Area Networks
  • Nusrat Ahmed Surobhi, Ph.D., 2014, M2M-Enabled Public Safety Services for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • Md. Farhad Hossain, Ph.D., 2013, Traffic-Driven Energy-Efficient Dynamic Operational Mechanisms in Cellular Access Networks
  • Nejla Ghaboosi, Ph.D., 2012, Overhearing-Based Load Balancing and Localization in Cellular Networks
  • Tadeusz Wysocki, Ph.D., 2011, Portfolio Theory Based Spectrum Management in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Mu Qi, MER, 2011, Improving the Performance of Safety Message Dissemination in VANETs
  • Fan Bai, Ph.D., 2011, Techniques for Data Collection from Wireless Sensor Networks: Exploitation of Correlation
  • Fazirulhisyam Hashim, Ph.D., 2010, Cross-correlated Security and QoS in Heterogeneous Mobile Networks
  • Farshad Javadi, Ph.D., 2010, Multi-layer Mesh Networks
  • Yazhou Ma, Ph.D., 2010, Opportunistic Content Distribution for Intermittently Connected Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • Kumudu S. Munasinghe, Ph.D., 2008, A Unified Mobility Management Architecture for Interworked Heterogeneous Mobile Networks
  • Cicero Martelli, Ph.D., 2008, Optical Fibre
  • Ehssan Sakhaee, Ph.D., 2007, Broadband In-flight Internet Access
  • Rubaiyat Kibria, Ph.D., 2007, Design Issues for Next Generation Mobile Network
  • Mohammad Azim, MER, 2007, Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Qingyang Song, Ph.D., 2006, Integrated Architecture for Wireless LAN and Cellular systems
  • Matthew McKay, Ph.D., 2006, Random Matrix Theory Analysis of Multiple Antenna Communication Systems
  • Ryan John Dudley, MER, 2006, Power Line Communications
  • Fei Xin, Ph.D., 2006, Performance Improvement of TCP over Wireless Networks
  • Robert Fry, Ph.D., 2004, Capacity Enhancement of Wireless Cellular Networks Using Sophisticated Traffic Management Techniques
  • Yang Tang, MER, 2003, Joint Multiuser Channel and Data Estimation over Multipath CDMA Fading Channel
  • Yi-Li Tracy Tung, Ph.D., 2003, Mobility Management Techniques in Wireless IP Networks
  • Jing (Paul) Chen, Ph.D., 2003, Utilizing ATM Concepts in Mobile Satellite Personal Communication Networks with Intersatellite Links
  • Chi Wei (Roger) Chen, MER, 2002, DSP Real-Time Video Coding
  • Wenqing Ding, MER, 2001, TCP Performance Study and Improvement over Wireless Channel
  • Slobodan  Petrovic, Ph.D., 2000, Adaptive Feedback Scheme for ATM Traffic Control with Emphasis on ABR Traffic Control