Research Fellows

Dr Archie Chapman: Game-theoretic approaches to residential demand response. (July 2012 - today)

Graduate Students

Mr Zhiheng Zhao: MPhil (with Dr Francesco Fiorito, Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning). Using Thermal inertia of buildings in demand response. (August 2013 - today)

Mr Jae Woong Shim: PhD Cotutelle (with Prof Kyeon Hur, Yonsei University, Korea). HVDC transmission in future grids. (August 2013 - today)

Mr Mehdi Garmroodi Doiran: PhD (with Prof David Hill). Small-signal stability with high penetration of renewables in future grids. (March 2013 - today)

Mr Chanaka Keerthisinghe: PhD (with Dr Archie Chapman). Energy management in residential buildins. (March 2013 - today)

Mr Sleiman Mhanna: PhD (with Prof David Hill and Dr Archie Chapman). Mechanism design for residential demand response. (March 2013 - today)

Mr Hesamoddin Marzooghi: PhD (with Prof David Hill). Performance and stability of future grid scenarios. (August 2012 - today)

Mr David Browne: MPhil (part-time). Integration of wind energy resources onto electricity networks. (Februar 2012 - today)


Dr Andraz Zertek, PhD (2013), Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbines for Frequency-Control Contribution. (at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Dr Gregor Taljan, PhD (2009), The feasibility of hydrogen storage in power systems. (at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Mr Tomaz Tomsic, MPhil (2007) Comparison of Local Methods for Voltage Instability Prediction. (at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia).