Manly to North Head December 28 Manly to North Head via Shelly Beach
Manly and North Head walk on part of the new coastal track ~8 klm, with some boulder hopping on the coast with guest leader Jim. Grade medium/hard. Meet on the 9:30 am Manly ferry (Wharf 3 Circular Quay) or at Manly Wharf 9.45--10:00 am.
Wednesday 17/12/08
Christmas drinks/dinner at Café Acoustica, Wednesday 17/12/08 Start at 6.30pm for drinks [ now licensed ] Dinner a la carte, or just show up and share some xmas cheer. Location is south side St.Peters station on lower King St. ample parking.
Blue Mountains NP December 14 Blue Mts NP
Mt. Wilson and Wollangambe River. Some off track with some possible waist deep water crossings, volleys or crocks recommended as additional footwear with options to swim in canyon, thermal top recommended. Grade medium, 7 klms. dt. 100 mins. Meet at HH. 7.45 am or at Bilpin 9am
Blue Mountains NP December 7 Blue Mts NP
Leura- Conservation Hut-Valley of the Waters-Vera Falls-Hippocrene Falls-Wentworth Falls-Slack Stairs-National Pass- 8 klms 370 metre ascent-- grade medium / hard Meet at HH 7.45 am
Blue Mountains NP November 30 Blue Mts NP
Lower Grose River to Cabbage Tree creek and Burralow creek. Scenic walking on track along the Grose river with some boulder hopping upstream and possibly a wet crossing . Some off track to lunch location with pristine rock pool. Grade medium - meet at HH - 8.00 a.m
Royal NP November 23 Royal NP
Otford station- to coastal track and Garrawarra via Werong beach- the Burgh track-Hacking River and Helensburgh station. 12 klms. grade medium. Train from Central to Otford departs 8.40am from south coast platform [ for Wollongong and Nowra ] Wolli Creek at 8.51am
Wyrrabalong NP November 16 Wyrrabalong NP
Central Coast. Spectacular Forests and Beaches are the hallmark of this area near Tuggerah Lakes. We follow the ancient Palm and Cycad sand dune circuit to Pelican Beach and Nora Head Historic Lighthouse, via an amazing wildflower coast. Grade is Easy. dt. 100 mins. Meet at Annandale 7.30am or HH 7.45AM
Royal NP November 9 Royal NP
Heathcote-- Bottle Forest -- Kangaroo creek- Yaala Ridge. 7 klms.-some off track ..grade easy /medium. D.t. is 50 minutes. Meet at Annandale 8.15 am or at Tempe 8.40 am
Mt. Kembla region November 2 Mt Kembla region
with rainforest and wet sclerophyll forest in the circuit of this prominent mountain near Wollongong, followed by the ascent on a graded track with fine views over the Illawarra. 8 klms.- grade easy ...d.t. 90 minutes. Meet at Annandale 8 am or at Tempe 8.20 am, or at Mt. Kembla hotel.
Royal NP October 26 Royal NP
Anice Falls -Winifred Falls-salt water estuary of Southwest Arm Creek and Mt. Bass. 7 klms...grade is easy. d.t. [driving time] I hour. Meet at Annandale 8.15 am. Tempe 8.40 am or at Audley
stanwell-park.jpg October 19 Wodi-Wodi Track - Stanwell Park
Spectacular coastal views as we rise through tall forest on the Bullock track after leaving the beach, the ascent being around 200 metres. Bring your swimmers for a possible swim in the ocean on our return. Distance is 8km., grade Easy. Train to Stanwell Park from Central at 8.40am, Wolli Ck. at 8.51--2nd carriage please.
map_inset_Budderoo NP.gif October 12 Budderoo NP
Spring Wildfowers in the region of the Barren Grounds Nature reserve providing track access to views over Kiama and the south coast with Cook's Nose and Kangaroo Valley. Dt. 100 mins. Via Minnamurra Falls road and Jambaroo Pass, grade Easy. Meet at Tempe 7.45 am
Blue Mountains NP September 28 lower Blue Mts NP
Winmalee to Shaws creek and Blue Gum Swamp Ck. with a 270 metre ascent to Grose Mountain Trig, followed by lunch overlooking the Grose river and valley with a scenic descent towards the river and Mountain Avenue, all on track. 11 klms.. Grade medium dt.is 80 mins. Meet at HH 7.45 am. (
Steve's photo's).
map_inset_Budderoo NP.gif September 14. Budderoo NP [via Jambaroo Pass]
Barren grounds circuit on the escarpment above Kiama with Cooks Nose overlooking Kangaroo Valley. Grade easy…9 klms. dt.110 mins. Meet at Annandale 7.30am and/or Tempe at 7.50am
cancelled---Sublime Point and the Sea Cliff Bridge instead
Wolli Creek September 7 Wolli Creek Preservation Area [½ day walk]
Bexley North station to Tempe via Wolli Creek-Girraween Park-Nanny Goat Hill-part exploratory about 5 klms. Grade easy. Meet at Bexley Nth. Station 9 am.Train from Central at 8.38 on East Hills Line. Walk finishes at Cooks River, Tempe.
Royal NP August 31 Royal NP
Audley-Robertson's Knoll--Gurrumboola Ridge--Uloola Falls--Lower Peach Trees--Lady Carrington Drive. 10 klms. 15% off track, grade medium. Meet at Annandale 8 am or Tempe 8.20 am
Wollemi NP August 24 Wollemi NP region
Colo Heights to Colo River at Upper Colo, with views to Mt. Townsend, some off track, with the ascent [180 metre] on road. Grade easy/medium. 11 klms. Meet at Annandale 7.45 am or HH 8am
Heathcote NP August 10 Heathcote NP
Waterfall to Heathcote via the Mooray track, Mirang Pool and Pipeline ... grade easy, 10 klms. Railway access planned.
Call Len if interested.
Berowra Valley RP August 3 Berowra Valley BP
Gundah Ridge to Sam's Creek and Crossland with saltmarsh tidal estuary on part of Gt. Nth. Walk. Grade easy.
Call Len if interested.
Garawarra SCA July 27 Garawarra Recreation area and Royal NP [altered]
Helensburgh to Waterfall via Hacking River, Wilsons Ck. some road walking on Lady Wakehurst Drive, Forest Island, Couranga track, about 13 klms. walking in some new locations…grade easy/medium Meet on train, 2nd carriage from front to Helensburgh, departing Central at 8.40 and Wolli Creek at 8.51 am [parking OK at Wolli Ck.]
Kuringai Chase NP July 20 Kuringai Chase NP
Salvation track-Yeomans Creek and estuary , 50% off track, grade medium. Meet at HH 8 am
Dharawal SRA July 13 Dharawal Recreation Reserve
Wedderburn [via Cambelltown] to O'Hares Creek and upstream to double bend and waterfall. Some off track with 12 klms. and 290 metre ascent, grade medium / hard. Cma map is "Appin" Meet at Annandale 7.20 am or Tempe 7.40 am
map_inset_Wollemi NP June 29 Wollemi NP region
Colo Heights to Upper Colo near Bradleys Ck., 30 % off track, some exploratory in a new location. Grade medium. 11 klms. map is "mountain lagoon " Meet at HH 8 am or at Colo Crossing [coffee] 9.15
Dharug NP June 22 Dharug NP - Hawkesbury River area {walk has changed}
Wisemans Ferry--Mill Creek circuit to Flat Rock engraving site with 15 % off track. 14 klms.190 metre asc. Grade medium Meet at HH. 7.30am or at Wisemans 9.10 am latest at ferry. (
Steve's photo's).
map_inset_Royal NP.gif June 15 Royal NP
Fosters Flat-Hacking river--the forest path-Paloma--upper peach trees--Nioka ridge---Uloola heights--Waratah Hill--Callagans Tor--Couranga track. 14 klms. 250 metre ascent, 30 % off track, grade medium / hard. Meet at Annandale 7.30 am Tempe 7.50 am. (
Steve's photo's).
map_inset_Wollemi NP June 8 Wollemi NP region
Colo Heights to escarpment above Upper Colo nearBradleys Ck., 20 % off track on the descent to the Colo, the return ascent of 180 metres being on historic road, some unexplored sections. Grade medium. 11 klms. Meet at HH 8 am or at Colo Crossing [coffee] 9.15
Mt. Kembla region June 1 Mt Kembla
Exploratory walk to establish new tracks and links in the region of Mt. Kembla, steep and off track conditions abound. Meet at Corelli's Cafe (Newtown Station) 7.45 am or at Tempe 8.15am
cancelled---Two Valleys Track instead
map_inset_Royal NP.gif May 25 Royal NP
Train to Otford station-[ then up hill to Pie Shop] - coastal track to Garrawarra, the Burgh track-Hacking River and Helensburgh station. 13 klms. grade medium. Train timetable, railway station and carriage t.b.a..or just meet at pie shop overlooking ocean at Otford between 9 and 9.30am.
Blue Mountains NP May 18 Blue Mts NP
Bells Line-Yilleen Spur [ nr. Pierces Pass ] and Dalpura Buttross overlooking Grose Valley 6 klms- followed by a short ascent to the saddle of Mt. Banks. 3 klms. grade easy/medium Meet at Annandale 8am or at Bilpin Fruit Bowl 9.20 am
Kuringai Chase NP May 11 Ku-rin-gai Chase NP
Mt. Waratah on the Lambert Peninsula with views into Cowan Waters.
Call Len if you are interested.
map_inset_Royal NP.gif May 4 Royal NP
Red Cedar Flat-Hacking River- Rail Tunnel-Helensburgh-The Burgh Track. 7 klms. Possibly some off track-grade Easy. Meet at Annandale 8.10 am or Tempe 8.30 am
map_inset_Spit-Manly April 27 Spit Bridge to Manly
One of the rare bush walks on Sydney's Northern Beaches, this track is a classic Sydney Walk. Beautiful views over the bays of Middle Harbour and well-maintained tracks, this walk is great for those looking for exercise or just a stroll along the coast of Sydney. If we have time, the side trips down to Grotto Point and up to Arabanoo Lookout are definitely worth the effort.
Time: 4 Hrs 30 mins, Distance: 9.2 km, Climb: 345 m, Style: One way
Meet in the car park at the north-western side of the Spit Bridge, 9:45 am.
map_inset_Budderoo NP April 20 Budderoo NP
at The Barren Grounds nature reserve circuit, with a short walk near Mt.Saddleback, via Jamberoo. 11 klms. easy / medium. Meet at Annandale 7.30 am or at Tempe 7.50 am.
map_inset_Wollemi NP April 13 Wollemi NP
Colo Heights and down to the river at upper Colo, and return uphill on historic road. Some off track [about 20%] in a new location. 8 klms. grade easy / medium. ..meet at HH 7.45 am.
Welby March 30 Southern Highlands via Mittagong
Welby Shale Railway Track..with Forty foot Falls and the Nattai River circuit, followed by historic railway tunnel .Steep 170 metre ascent, 12 klms. grade medium..dt. 75 mins. Meet at Tempe 8.30 am. (
Steve's photo's).
Kuringai Chase NP March 23 (Easter Sunday) Ku-rin-gai Chase NP
Mt. Waratah on the Lambert Peninsula with views into Cowan Waters. 7 klms Grade easy. Dt. 40 mins. Meet at HH. 8.15 am
Mt. Kembla region March 16 Mt Kembla region near Wollongong.
A good track takes us to the summit with fine views of the Illawarra. Grade easy, 200 metre ascent, 7 klms.dt.90 mins. Meet at Tempe 8.30 am
Blue Mountains NP March 2 Blue Mts NP
Mt.Wilson Gardens to lower Wollangambe River, a wonderful forest walk with a descent into the sandstone ravine with some optional exploratory, 9 klms., grade medium, 240 metre ascent, dt.110 mins. Meet at HH. 7.45 am
map_inset_Royal NP.gif February 24 Royal NP
Bundeena to Wattamolla via coastal track with spectacular sea cliffs amidst ocean views, and optional swimming at a sandy protected beach.- grade--easy - 9 klms. Car shuffle required with entrance fee sharing. 8 am meet..book with Len
map_inset_Royal NP February 17 Royal NP
Wattamolla to Garie Beach via coastal track with Eagle Rock and Curracurrong…grade *easy. *8 klms*. *Dt. [driving time to start of the walk ]* *60 minutes. Meet at Annandale 8 am or Tempe 8.20**
map_inset_Wollemi NP February 3 Wollemi NP
Colo Heights to Mt Townsend overlooking Tootie Creek, possibly all off track on these high ridges above the Colo, with 170 metre ascent, in mostly unexplored territory, expect medium grade and 7 klms. only. Meet at HH 7.45 am
Royal NP January 20 Royal NP
Garrawarra-Era-Figure 8 pool-Burning Palms.10 klms. grade easy. Meet at Annandale 8.15 am or at Tempe 8.35 am
cancelled - Maroubra Headland instead, 1/2 day
Bouddi NP January 6 Central Coast
Central Coast via Gosford--Kincumba Mt. Reserve-thence,drive to Bouddi NP.-the Bombi Moor-Caves Bay-Maitland Bay.. 9 klms.grade easy. Meet at HH. 8am