zoo.jpg December 19 Sydney Harbour NP
Georges Head Mosman to Bradleys Head via Clifton Gardens [good swimming]. Walk starts at Cross St. Rawson Park [off Bradleys Head road] and finishes at Beuna Vista Hotel [roundabout at cnr Middle Head and Bradleys Head] for optional Xmas drinks and lunch. 7klms, grade easy. Meet at Annandale 8.45am or Rawson Park 9.15am.
Len&George Wednesday evening December 15 Social Xmas drinks
Pyrmont Point Hotel. If I have enough bookings we have our own area upstairs with a view, a quiet location with a bar and tables for dinner. Location is corner of John and Harris St., ample parking nearby. Please RSVP before Monday 13th if coming (http://www.pyrmontpoint.com.au/). 6pm onwards on Wednesday December 15th.
Illawarra Recreation Area December 12 Illawarra Recreation Area
Two short walks in Illawarra Recreation Area: A] Sublime Point to Bulli Lookout and return. B] Austinmeer, Buttenshaw Drive region, forest walk towards Coaldale and return. 8 klms. Afterwards, optional ocean swim, and drinks in Thirroul. Grade is Easy. Meet at Annandale 8.10 am or Tempe 8.30 am.
Royal NP November 28 Royal NP
Royal-Heathcote-Bottle Forest Road-Karloo Pool track to Kangaroo Creek and downstream to Yalla Ridge, returning through Bottle Forest. 120 metre ascent. 7 klms. Grade Easy. Map is Port Hacking. Meet at Annandale 8am or Tempe 8.15am.
map_inset_Blue%20Mountains%20NP.gif November 21 Blue Mts NP
Pierces Pass from Bells Line to Grose River and upstream to Hat Hill Creek, 8 klms. Grade easy/medium. Very scenic. Map is Mt. Wilson. Meet at Annandale 8 am or at Bilpin 9.20 am.
map_inset_Blue%20Mountains%20NP.gif November 14 Blue Mts NP
Glenbrook station--Duckpond ridge--G'Brook Creek--Blue Pool--Jellybean Pool--Canyon entrance and exit to Glenbrook. 9 klms. Grade easy/medium [with easier exit option]. Map is Penrith. Meet at 8.15 Annandale for the 40 minute car trip to Glenbrook. Meet also at park opposite coffee shop in Glenbrook around 9am, walk will start near station @ about 9.20am.
Kuringai Chase NP November 7 Kuringai NP
Challenger-Hungry Beach headland and down creek with waterfall to beach, along Broken Bay to White Horse Beach and Flint and Steel Beach. Some off track. Grade easy/medium. 7 klms. Map is Broken Bay. Meet at Annandale 8 am or Terry Hills turnoff near roundabout 8.30 am.
Wollemi NP October 31 Wollemi NP
Grassy Hill turnoff on Putty road north of Colo Heights [possibly 9 klms of unsealed road] to Culoul Range--Hollow Rock and high ridges above Wollemi Creek adjoining Colo River-some exploratory. Reports are of the road being level and suitable to cars. 8klms. Grade Easy. Map is Six Brothers. Meet at Annandale 7.30 am.
Royal NP October 24 Royal NP with SCC
Heathcote-Bottle Forest road-Karloo Pool track to Kangaroo Creek and downstream to Yalla Ridge, returning through Bottle Forest. 120 metre ascent. 8 klms. Grade Easy. Map is Port Hacking. Meet at Annandale 8am or Tempe 8.15am
Sublime Point October 17 Illawarra Recreation Area
Austinmeer station to the escarpment at Sublime Point via a steep track with ladders, clifftop walk to Bulli Pass and Gibson Track return. Very scenic on the Illawarra Plateau, 7 klms., up to 270 metre ascent, grade easy / medium. Map is CMA Bulli. Collect at Annandale 8am for Wolli Creek station or meet on south coast train leaving Central at 8.29am, Wolli Creek at 8.39, arriving Austinmeer 9.51.
Budderoo NP October 3 Budderoo NP
Escarpment above Carrington Falls to Missingham Pass and upper Kangaroo Valley, with creek junction and waterfall, and ascent via rain forest to Missingham Steps. 9 klms, 290 metre ascent, grade medium/hard. Map is Kangaroo Valley CMA. Meet at Annandale 7.30 or Tempe 7.50 am for Jamberoo Pass via Albion Park.
Royal NP September 26 Royal NP
Wattamolla [car park]-Curracurrang-Eagle Rock and Curracurrong creek-Curra Moors -Garie Nth.Head and coast track, return with ocean views,11 klms, Grade Easy. Meet at Annandale 7.45 am or Tempe 8.05 am.
map_inset_Blue%20Mountains%20NP.gif September 19 Blue Mts NP
Wentworth Falls station-Charles Darwin Walk to National Pass via main falls and stairway -Valley of Waters-Conservation Hut and Clifftop walk for return. About 9 klms. Grade easy/medium. Meet on train..Journey takes 100 minutes from Strathfield. Collect at HH 8am for S'field or 2nd carriage from Central 8.18am, or Strathfield 8.31am or meet at W'Falls station car park at 10.11 am for coffee.
Kuringai Chase NP September 5 Kuringai Chase NP
Flint & Steel beach to White Horse beach and Hungry beach. Then off track for possibly 1 klm.via waterfall and ridge top to road and cars. 6 klms. Grade easy/medium. Meet at Annandale 8.15 am.
Popran_NP.jpg August 29 Popran NP
via Central Mangrove Circuit on track with creek, waterfall and forest in this unique region north of the Hawkesbury River. Grade Easy, 10 klms. Meet at Annandale 7.45 am or HH 8am.
map_inset_Blue%20Mountains%20NP.gif August 22 Lower Blue Mts
Blaxland to Warrimoo via Pippas Pass and Florabella Pass with 180 metre ascent, 8 klms., grade easy/medium. Meet on Blue Mts train to Blaxland, departs Central 8.18am, Strathfield 8.31; be in the 2nd carriage, or drivers meet @Blaxland @ 9.25.
Royal NP August 8 Royal NP
Otford on coastal track to Burning Palms and Nth. Era and up to Garrawarra to link with 'berg track' to Hacking river and Helensburg. A superb diversity of coastal forest and heath, ocean beach, rainforest and wet schlerophyl woodland Grade medium..up to14 klms. Meet on Sth Coast train from Central, 8.39 am or Wolli Creek station 8.51am, on 2nd carriage.
Royal NP July 25 Royal NP
Audley-Robertsons Knoll-Kangaroo Ck.-Red Gum Forest to Mt. Ball-Audley-7klms. Some off track-Grade easy/medium 7 klms. Meet at Annandale 8 am or Tempe 8.20 am or Audley 8.50am
Heathcote NP July 18 Heathcote NP
Mooray track at Waterfall to Mt. Minda -Abarco Creek-Myuna--Kingfisher-Bondel--returning to Waterfall. 11 klms. Grade easy/medium. Meet at Tempe 8.15am or at Waterfall station car park circa 9.25am.
map_inset_Blue%20Mountains%20NP.gif July 11 Lower Blue Mts NP - researched and lead by Jim R.
A very scenic walk from Lapstone station to escarpment overlooking railway cutting and Glenbrook Gorge, descend on track to the Creek and Gorge, with some boulder hopping on and off track to the Nepean River, then ascent to Lapstone station. About 11 klms Grade medium. Alight train on 2nd carriage from front leaving Central for Blue Mts. @ 8.18 with Jim, or with Len at Strathfield at 8.31am, or just drive to Lapstone station car park.
Wollemi NP June 27 Wollemi NP via Colo Heights
Mt. Townsend and environs above the Colo River in some new locations, all off-track on high ridges. Optional further exploration on the lower ridges for the more intrepid. Easy/medium, 7 klms. Meet at HH. 8.30am
Kuringai Chase NP June 13 Kuringai Chase NP
Mt Arden to Mt Waratah overlooking Coal & Candle Creek. Grade Easy. 8 klms. Meet at HH 9am
map_inset_Blue%20Mountains%20NP.gif June 6 Lower Blue Mts NP
Valley Heights-Martins Lookout, steep descent to Glenbrook Creek, with some exploratory downstream to next junction, probably off-track, return to track for ascent of 170 metres via Perch Ponds, Blue Pool and Magdala Falls. 8 klms. Grade easy/medium. Meet Annandale 8.15 am or Warrimoo 9am.
map_inset_Blue%20Mountains%20NP.gif May 30 Blue Mts NP
Mt Banks panorama, overlooking Grose Valley, we walk the scenic rim to Hurley Head, some off-track, returning on road. 11 klms, grade medium. Meet at HH 8am.
Budderoo NP May 23 Budderoo NP
Carrington Falls to Missingham Pass overlooking Kangaroo Valley, down to river junction near waterfall, ascent through rainforest to Missingham Steps. Some off track. 9 klms, grade medium to hard. Meet at Tempe 7.45 am for south coast run to Jamberoo Pass, or meet at Jamberoo for coffee, circa 9am
map_inset_Blue%20Mountains%20NP.gif May 16 Blue Mts NP
Medlow Bath and historic walking tracks overlooking Megalong Valley with the "Sun Bath" and "The Colluseum". 6 klms with some steep narrow sections. Grade easy. This walk is now affected by trackwork near Blacktown, so the alternative plan is to drive to Warrimoo station for easy parking, and train to Medlow Bath and return. Now meet @ Annandale 8am or Warrimoo coffee/antique shop near overpass @ 9am for train @9.32am arriving Medlow Bath 10.29am Trains return @2.18pm,3.18 pm
Royal NP May 9 Royal NP
Otford to coastal track and Garrawarra, to Hacking river and Helensburg. A superb diversity of coastal vista, rainforest and dry woodland. Grade medium. 12 klms. Meet on Sth.Coast train from Central 8.39 am or Wolli Creek station 8.51am, 2nd carriage please.
cancelled due to trackwork
map_inset_Blue%20Mountains%20NP.gif May 2 Lower Blue Mts
Warrimoo region lower blue mts. Greens road to Glenbrook Creek exploratory walk with a steep descent, 10 klms. 30% off-track, medium/hard Option for easy, if you can wait alone, on the high ridge overlooking! Meet at HH 8.30 am or at Warrimoo 9.35am overpass-coffee/antique shop.
map_inset_Blue%20Mountains%20NP.gif April 18 Lower Blue Mts
An exploratory walk in the Lapstone region, to establish links with historic railway tunnel, and various other tracks, some overlooking Glenbrook Gorge, expect easy/medium grade, with some off track. Meet at HH 8.30am or at Glenbrook tourist info. 9.15am. No train access due to trackwork.
map_inset_Blue%20Mountains%20NP.gif April 11 Lower Blue Mts
Warimoo to Blaxland Via Florabella Pass and Pippas Pass. 160 metre ascent, 7 klms. grade easy/medium. Meet on Blue Mts train to Warrimoo, departs Central 8.18am, Strathfield 8.31, be in the 2nd carriage. Also, Len will collect at HH for S'field connection at 7.50 am.
Budderoo NP March 28 Budderoo NP
Carrington Falls to the Missingham Steps and descent through canyon and rainforest to Kangaroo Valley and river crossing for lunch, then exit via the enigmatic Missingham Pass, steep and slippery at times over mostly difficult terrain, with 40% off-track, volleys or crocs recommended as additional footwear, grade hard, 190 metre ascent. Distance about 8 klms. dt.120 minutes. Meet at Annandale 7.30 am, Tempe 7.45 am or at Carrington falls turn off circa 9.40
Royal NP March 21 Royal NP
Heathcote-Tuchowa Rill-Yaala Ridge-Kangaroo creek-Bottle Forest. 7 klms---some off track with map and compass navigation for 2 klms, followed by lunch on the very pristine Kangaroo Creek, grade medium. CMA map is Port Hacking. Meet at Annandale 8.15 am or at Tempe 8.40 am, dt. is 60 minute.
map_inset_Blue%20Mountains%20NP.gif March 14 Blue Mts NP
Wentworth Falls to Charles Darwin Walk-National Pass-Valley of Waters, about 11 klms,. steep tracks near vertical drops, on a new improved track along the cliff line, returning to the station via circuitous route, grade medium. Meet on Blue Mts.train from Central at 8.18 am, Strathfield 8.31am. 2nd.carriage please. Len will collect at HH for S'field connex. At 7.55am.
Mt. Kembla region March 7 Illawarra Region
Mt Kembla circuit and ascent through rainforest and wet schlerophyl forest, on good tracks near Wollongong. 10 klms. grade easy/medium.
Wollemi NP February 21 Wollemi NP
Colo Heights to the Colo River at "Upper Colo" with a scenic descent on a good track, followed by optional swim in the sandy shallows of the Colo thence, a return up an historic road, grade easy/medium, 10klms, 180 metre ascent. Meet at HH 7.45am or at Windsor for coffee, or at Colo Crossing.
Royal NP February 14 Royal NP region with SCC
Helensburg station and return, with a variety of habitat from rainforest to wet schlerophyll, and dry open, with railway-line crossing near tunnel, thence down to Hacking River and exit on Wilsons Creek ridge. Grade Easy/medium, 9 klms. Meet on Sth. Coast train from Central 8.39 am or Wolli Creek station 8.51am, 2nd carriage, or at H'Berg station. [Replaces last week which was cancelled]
map_inset_Blue%20Mountains%20NP.gif February 7 Blue Mts NP
Florabella Pass at Warrimoo, and later Terrace Falls, and Bedford Creek area exploratory in another location, grade easy. 7 klms. Meet at HH 7.45 am.
../maps/botany-bay January 31 Botany Bay NP
Cape Banks-Botany Bay entrance-wreck of the "Minmi" Henry Head-Yarra Bay Grade- Easy. Meet Annandale 8.30am or in Jennifer St. South Malabar 9am. (Jean's photo's)
Royal NP January 24 Royal NP region
Helensburg station and return, with a variety of habitat from rainforest to wet schlerophyll, and dry open, with railway line xing near tunnel, thence Hacking River. Grade Easy, 8 klms. Meet on Sth. Coast train from Central 8.35 am or Wolli Creek station 8.50am, 2nd carriage.
Kuringai Chase NP January 17 Kuringai Chase NP
St. Ives-Warrimoo track to Sphinx track and estuary walk to Bobbin Head, meandering in this region for lunch, returning on high track. Grade easy/medium. Possibly 12 klms. Meet at HH 8.15 am or Warrimoo St. St Ives 9 am [northern end].
map_inset_Blue%20Mountains%20NP.gif January 10 Blue Mts NP
Lawson to Hazelbrook via 6 waterfalls. A very scenic walk mostly in shade and on good tracks, but with some exploratory near the Bedford Falls. Expect easy/medium. Meet on Blue Mts train from Central at 8.18 am, Strathfield 8.31 am. 2nd carriage please. Len will collect at HH for S'field connex. At 7.55 am.

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