Ble Mts NP December 14 Blue Mts NP
Lawson to Hazelbrook via 6 waterfalls. A very scenic walk mostly in shade and on good tracks, but with some exploratory near the Bedford Falls. Expect easy/medium. Meet on Blue Mts train from Central at 8.18 am, Strathfield 8.31 am. 2nd carriage please.
Ku-ring-gai Chase NP November 23 Ku-ring-gai Chase NP
Nth Turramurra--Murroa Street--Spinx track--Warrimoo track on salt water estuary to Bobbin Head--Cockle Creek--various exits, possibly Lovers Jump Creek. Grade 3--about 14 klms. Mostly on track.
Ku-ring-gai Chase NP November 2 Ku-ring-gai Chase NP
Lambert Peninsula--Hungry Head--creek-waterfall-beach on Broken Bay--coastal track to White Horse and Flint n Steel beaches. Some off track. About 8 klms. Tide will be low for rock hopping on coast, difficult in places. Grade 3. Meet at Johnson St Nth Annandale at 7.45 am.
Ku-ring-gai Chase NP August 24 Ku-ring-gai Chase NP
Hawkesbury River Station--Brooklyn waterfront--Peak Hill--Porto Ridge and return via GNW. Magnificent views, Aboriginal sites. A short walk, on tracks (overgrown in places) and firetrails. Length 9 km, ascent/descent 350(m), Map: Brooklyn.
Heathcote NP July 13 Heathcote NP
Waterfall-Mt Westmacott-Kingfisher Pool-Bondel Pool-Yellow Pool-Lake Toolooma-Waterfall.
Heathcote NP July 8 Heathcote NP
Waterfall-Lake Toolooma-Yellow Pool-Bondel Pool-Kingfisher Pool-Kingfisher Creek-Yelgun Cave-Mt Westmacott-Waterfall.
Illawarra SCA July 2 Illawarra Escarpment SCA
Leader: Adrian Jones. Stanwell Park station to Wodi Wodi Track [Bullock Track in 1820], detour to viaduct, ascending to clifftop for scenic walk to Maddens Plains, then Sublime Point with a descent on stairs to rainforest and Austinmer station. About 16.5 klms. Grade medium to hard.
Royal NP June 22 Royal NP
Waterfall to Helensburgh: Grade 3, 15 kms, ascent/descent: 200 m; Starting from Waterfall Station, proceed along Uloola and Couranga Tracks. A walk along the old Sir Bertram Stevens Drive to an exploratory off-track section to Bola Heights and Garawarra Farm. Now follow the Burgh Track, crossing the Hacking River, tracks and fire trails to Helensburgh Station. Cliff edges, river crossings and slippery sections. Map: Otford. 8:00 at Corellis or 8:45 at Waterfall.
Ku-ring-gai Chase NP May 31 Ku-ring-gai Chase NP
Leader: Michael Henderson, Length 9 km, ascent/descent 350(m), Hawkesbury River Station--Brooklyn waterfront--Peak Hill--Porto Ridge and return via GNW. Magnificent views, Aboriginal sites. A short but challenging walk. On tracks (overgrown in places) and firetrails. Steep climbs, rough in places. Map: Brooklyn.
April 19 Heathcote NP
Leader: Adrian Jones. From Waterfall Station follow the Coutts Track past the Scout Camp to Mt. Westmacott. Return to main fire trail and follow trails and undulating course to Helensburgh. Continue along unnamed tracks and easy creek walk to the ascent of the Lilyvale Track and Coast Track to Otford Station. Excellent views and pleasant rainforest walking. Cliff edges, creek crossings and slippery conditions. Map: Appin/Otford,
Blue Mts NP April 13 Blue Mts NP
Leader: Len Dowsett. Lower Blue Mts NP Faulconbridge station to Springwood station via Numantia Falls, Sassafras Ridge to creek and exit via Wiggins track to Bee Farm road. Medium grade 3. 300 metres of ascent, 11 klms. Meet at Faulconbridge station at 9.45 or on Blue Mts. train , 2nd carriage, departs Central 8.18 and Strathfield 8.31 am.
Heathcote NP March 30 Heathcote NP
Leader: Len Dowsett: Waterfall station to Heathcote station via Bondel Ridge, Myuna Pool, preferably low track along Kingfisher Creek, Pipeline, Battery Causeway. Grade 3, easy to medium, 8 klms. ascent 130 metres. Meet at Waterfall overpass at 9.15 am or on train from Central at 8.29 or Wolli Creek 8.39 am [2nd carriage].
Royal NP February 23 Royal NP
Waterfall to Heathcote via Uloola Falls.
Illawarra Escarpment SRA January 26 Illawarra Escarpment SRA
Leader: Jennifer and Col Meharg, grade 3, 11 klms., asc/desc 150 metres, Illawarra Forest. Walk from Darkes Forest to the Bullock Track overlooking Stanwell Park through a variety of forest on tracks and return. Views of the Illawarra coastline.

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