There are two major scholarships. One is sponsored by Australian government, called IPRS. Please refer to the link below for more details

and other one is provided by the University of Sydney. IPRS has only one round each year starting from July or August and USYD scholarship has two rounds, which will be awarded twice a year – in October/November in conjunction with the IPRS for commencement in Semester 1 (March), and in early April for commencement in Semester 2 (July).

For chinese students, there is another one called USYD-China scholarship program. For the details, please refer to the link below.

 Please also see the link below for all available research scholarships in our university.

In addition to the government scholarship, our school will provide extra $7000 Norman I prize for each PhD students enrolled in our school.  


For PhD admission, there are two rounds each year, one is in March Semester (due date for application is 31 October) and one is in July Semester (due date is 30 April). There are also two enrollment dates, one is in March and one is in July, so you can start in either March or July. The detailed application and admission process can be found in the link below.

Current projects:

All current research projects can be found here.

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If you are a self-motivated student and wish to pursue your postgraduate study in the area of wireless communications at the University of Sydney, please contact me:

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                   the University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia.

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