Research Interests

Major Research Grants

  • Y. Li, B. Vucetic, and P. Wang, “Agile transmission and massive random access for machine to machine communications,” ARC Linkage Grant, 2015-2018, $520,000 ($360,000 from ARC, $160,000 from Industry partner). 
  • B. Vucetic, Y. Li, R. Heath, “Design of multi-gigabit millimeter wave cellular networks,” $733,400, ARC Discovery Project Grant, 2015-2019.
  • Y. Li, “Compressed Network Sharing for Large Scale Distributed Systems,” ARC Future Fellowship, 2012-2015, $708,456.
  • Y. Li, “Gigabit Wireless Multiple Access at E-band,” ARC Discovery Project, 2012-2014, $330,000.
  • D. Lu and Y. Li, “New generation of power electronics interface for smart metering”, Australian Strategic Technology Program, $50,000, 2011-2013.
  • WUN (World University Network) development grant, £10,000, in collaboration with other three WUN partners.
  • Y. Li, University of Sydney International Development Grant, $10,000, 2010.
  • The University of Sydney International Visiting Fellowship, $8,000, together with Dr. Soon Xin Ng
  • V. Agelidis, B. Vucetic and Y. Li, “An intelligent integrated energy communication system”, ARC Linkage Project, $960,000 ($660,000 from ARC, $300,000 from Energy Australia), 2009-2013.
  • Y. Li, "Efficient Distributed Coding in Wireless Networks", ARC Discovery Project, $200,000, 2009-2012. 
  • CSIRO OCE PhD Scholarship, "Cognitive Radio Techniques in Multi-hop Wireless Broadband Services", $75,000, 2009-2012. 
  • The University of Sydney International Visiting Fellowship, $20,000.
  • Y. Li, "Design of Efficient and Practical Distributed Signal Processing for Wireless Sensor Networks", The University of Sydney research grant, $30,000
  • B. Vucetic, Y. Li, and M. Dohler "Dynamic Spectrum Access in Multi-hop Wireless Broadband Networks", ARC Discovery Project, $ 953,000, 2008-2013.
  • B. Vucetic, V. Oklobdzija, Y. Li, etc., “Development of 4G Wireless Communication Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks”, ARC LIEF Grant, $ 200,000, 2006.

Research Projects