Past lab members

Visiting Researchers

Dr Tao Liu

Research Fellows

Dr Andy Ho-Chung Leung, Optimal power flow and current harmonics reduction using FACTS devices

Dr Grace Miu-Lai Chu, Jan 2010 - May 2011, Topologies and control of power electronics converters for photovoltaic power system (funded by ARC DP0877588)

Postgraduate students

Ian Laird, PhD (2013). Thesis: Thermoelectric Generator: Modelling and Power Electronics Topologies and Control

Yang Du, PhD (2013). Thesis: Modeling and Analysis of Single-Phase Two-Stage Inverter for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Application

Shu-Kong (Tom) Ki, PhD (2012). Thesis: Analysis and Design of Transformerless Single-Phase Power-Factor-Corrected Switching Converters

Wenfei (Bryant) Wang, MPhil (2012). Thesis: Analysis, design and applications of digitally controlled bridgeless AC/DC buck converter

Mr Corby Mo-Szu Fu, Master of Engineering by Research (2009). Thesis: Analysis and design of a modified buck converter for LED applications

Visiting students

Mr Henning Tischer, TU Munich, Germany, February - July 2011, Smart house energy management system based on dynamic programming