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The Fibre-optics and Photonics Laboratory (FPL) specialises in research into microwave photonics and advanced optical techniques for information systems. This involves fundamental research into photonics, and projects with industry. The research focuses on microwave photonics, photonic signal processing, optical communications, nonlinear fibre optics, Bragg grating design, optically-controlled phased arrays, slow light and Bragg grating solitons, biophotonics, and terahertz/gigahertz photonics in communication and radar systems.

FPL has outstanding research resources and facilities, including state-of-the-art microwave photonic laboratories, laser and fibre-optics laboratories, and experimental capabilities for high speed optical and microwave measurements of signals.

The research of FPL is internationally renowned, and FPL has been successful in winning major research funding from nationally competitive research grant sources including the Australian Research Council, from the Defence Science and Technology Group, and from industry.

Research Projects

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