Dahai Li

School of Electrical and Information Engineering,
Building J13,
The University of Sydney NSW 2006, Australia
Phone: +61 93512337
Email: dlai6535@usyd.edu.au or dlai6535@gmail.com

Personal Details

Dahai Li (dlai6535@gmail.com) is an IT professional with more than 10 years experience combining research with development skill in C/C++ and Object-Oriented middleware platform. He ever modified the Internet Communication Engine (ICE) middleware platform and added about 15K lines of C++ codes to it. In addition, he also has strong mathematical background in Reinforcement Learning and Statistics. His research topic is “Reinforcement Learning and its Application to Autonomic QoS Control”. He proposed four movel reinforcement learning algorithms and invergested the use of the novel algorithms to the build autonomic QoS controllers for real-life QoS managements in distributed services. 

Research interests

Machine Learning:

Reinforcement learning algorithms, kernel machines, statistics based learning algorithms

Autonomic QoS Control:

QoS management in distributed systems, application of autonomic control to QoS control, learning based QoS control mechanisms and approaches.

Distributed computing:

Object-oriented middleware, distributed service, QoS management of distributed services

Academic awards 

2005-2007 Norman 1 Price Scholarship, offered by School of Electrical and Information Engineering, The University of Sydney.

2006-2007 Summer Vacation Scholarship, offered by NICTA, Australia. 


PhD thesis:

          Reinforcement Learning and its Application to Autonomic QoS Control.

Referred Journal Papers:

  1. Dahai Li, David Levy, Jingyu Zhang, Yongzhong Lu: Kernel-based Recursive Least Squares Temporal Difference: Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR), AAAI press, (Submitted at Oct, 2011).

  2. Yongzhong Lu, David Levy, Jingyu Zhang, Dahai Li: An evolutionary performance enhanced PSO approach by using a BP neural-learning-based PID controller, Connection Science, 23: 1, 45-63 (2011).

Referred International Conference Papers:

  1. Dahai Li, David Levy: Proportional Slowdown Control: A Fuzzy Learning Approach, The Fourth IEEE International Workshop on Real-Time Service-Oriented Architecture and Applications (IEEE-RTSOAA): USA (Accepted at Nov 2011)

  2. Dahai Li, David Levy: Engineering an Autonomous Fuzzy Control for QoS  Control in Distributed Services: The 18th IEEE International Workshop on Quality of Service (IEEE-IWQoS 2010), China
  3. Dahai Li, David Levy: An Online Self-optimizing QoS Control Framework in Middleware: International Conference on Infromation Science and Applicatios (ICISA 2010): Korea.
  4. Dahai Li, David Levy: A Reinforcement Learning based Self-optimizing QoS controller for Distributed Services: The 22nd Chinese Control and Decison Conference (CCDC 2010): China.
  5. Xiaoyan Fu, Dahai Li: Haptic Shoes: Representing Information By Vibration: Asia Pacific Symposium on Information Visualisation (APVIS 2005), Sydney, Australia