Research Projects

Components, Architecture and Middleware (CAM)

 Staff : 

Internal Research Leader:  A/Prof David Levy

External Research Leader: Dr Shiping Chen, CSIRO


CAMs objective is to develop methods and tools which help software developers effectively build loosely-coupled distributed systems, which are based on components connected by middleware, and arranged according to an architecture. Such systems should be dependable, that is, uses can depend on the system to do what they expect. Our focus is especially on performance, consistency and security issues. Please follow the links provided for further details on individual projects

 Individual Projects

  • Eugene Doma  - PhD Student: Business service software modeling and generation
  • Jinhui Yao - PhD Student: Trusted storage in the cloud 
  • Jingyu Zhang - PhD Student: Service orientated mobile-cloud framework
  • Dahai Li -  PhD Student (Thesis Submitted): Reinforcement learning and its application to autonomic QoS control in distributed services. 
  • Yan Schwarzneider - PhD Student: Global Semantic Graph
  • Ifeanyi Egwutuoha - PhD Student: Distributed fault tolerance
  • Andy Nicholson - MPhil student:  Mobile services in the Cloud
  • Richard Yang - MPhil student:  Trusted services in the Cloud
  • Andy Nicholson - MPhil student:  Mobile services in the Cloud

Distributed Real-time Systems


 Internal Research Member: A/Prof David Levy


This work studies the configuration and performance of distributed real-time systems.

Image Processing


 Internal Research Leader: A/Prof David Levy

 External Research Leader: Dr Jose Lay

Individual Projects

  • King Yiu (Evan) Tam  - PhD Student:  Image search tools and methods
  • Raniga, Parnesh  - PhD Student: Quantitative Analysis of C-PiB PET: Applications to Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Lee, Bryan - PhD Student: Physically Based Modelling for Topology Modifcation and Deformation in Surgical Simulation