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Laboratory Introduction Tutorial

IN FIRST YEARyou in the first year
  • Does this look like you as you prepare to embark on the wild emotional Roller Coaster that is so eloquently labelled your "academic career"?

  • Are you frightened of the prospect of having to perform tasks within the First Year Laboratory without the guidance of a personal tutor and with precious little understanding of the instruments within the lab that you will be required to manipulate?

  • Are you looking for a coffee that doesn't taste bitter?

Well this web site is the answer to your prayers, the catalyst for your potential and most of all the ticket to your future.

If this all seems to be a little much to swallow, it should be!

What, do you want someone to sit your exams as well?

What this site will do for you is show you the basic use of most Lab equipment with the opportunity at the end to test your knowledge. It may also set your mind a little more at ease knowing that help is there whenever you may need it.

Introduction to The First Year Lab

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