What is the Answer?

Some Common Questions:

Why can't I see anything on the display?
  1. Trace Intensity not adjusted correctly.
  2. Vertical Gain Control setting on too low a value per division, which sends the trace off the display.
Why is the display showing a reading of zero volts?
  1. AC-GND-DC Selector is set on the GND or AC setting.
  2. The Mode Selector is on the Channel A setting while the input signal is being applied to Channel B or vice versa.
  3. The Vertical Gain Control is on a high volt per division setting. e.g 20V/div.
Why is the reading on the display not equal to 3.3 Volts?
  1. The Variable Vertical Gain Control is not in the calibrated position.
  2. The circuit being measured is not connected correctly.
    e.g. Incorrect power source, wrong resistors etc.

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