The DMM Mode Selector Switches

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  • If we look at the image on the left hand side the Mode Selection Switches are the switches labelled Switch 1 and Switch 2 on the bottom left of the device.
  • Beside each switch there is information explaining the settings of these switches as follows:
    1. With both switches extended fully to the left, we can measure a D.C. current or voltage.
    2. With Switch 1 depressed and Switch 2 extended we can measure an A.C current or voltage.
    3. With Switch 2 depressed and Switch 1 extended we can measure Resistance.
  • So essentially Switch 1 selects A.C. or D.C. Mode, while Switch 2 selects Resistance or Voltage/Current measurements.
  • Note:To be sure of the type of signal we are measuring we must also look at how the Input Terminals are being utilized.

use images please

  • If we look at the FLUKE DMM on the left hand side of the screen we see that rather than Mode Selector Switches, there is a dial that is used to select the mode which we wish to make measurements in.
  • Below are the Modes listed with their corresponding numbers from the diagram:
    1. D.C Voltage measurement.
    2. A.C Voltage measurement.
    3. D.C Current measurement.
    4. A.C Current measurement.
    5. Resiatance measurement

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