The DMM Range Selector Switches

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  • If we look at the image on the left hand side the Range Selection Switches are the switches circled in RED to the bottom left of the display.
  • Beside each switch there is firstly a value corresponding to the Maximum Current , followed by the Maximum Voltage and the Maximum Resistance that can be measured with the DMM on that particular setting.
  • And to check which type of reading the DMM is set up to take we must check the position of the Mode Switches and which Input Terminals are being used.

use images please
  • If we look at the FLUKE DMM on the left hand side of the screen we see that there are not any Range Selector Switches, this is because this DMM has an automatic range function which sets the DMM range and displays this along with the numerical value of the reading.
  • The FLUKE DMM does have the Range button on the left below the display. This button can be used to alter the range of the DMM manually by following the steps below.
    1. Press the Range Button once to enter Manual Range operation.
    2. Repeatedly depress the Range Button to scroll through the varios Range Settings.
    3. Depress the Range Button for 2 seconds to return to Automatic Range operation.

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