Bounced Mail

In electronic mail terms, a message that fails to be delivered properly is said to have bounced. When you send an electronic mail message that bounces, the postmaster will get involved to return the message to you. This postmaster is not a real person, but is a computer program which sends (bounces) electronic mail messages back to you.

There are various reasons why electronic mail messages bounce. For example:

Illegal Host/Domain Name found
The site, the portion of the address after the at-sign (@), does not exist or is invalid.
Unknown or Illegal User
The user that you are attempting to send a message to does not exist or is invalid.
Disk Quota Exceeded
The user that you are sending the message to doesn't have enough disk space (quota) left to store the message in their account.

Of course, several other message are possible. When you receive a bounced message, you should try to understand the reason for the bounce before deciding if you should send the message again.

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