External Images

Sometimes, you might want to create a link to an image. This allows a reader to view the image if they select the link. For example:

A picture of the <A HREF="ausflag.gif">Australian flag </A>.

creates a link in the current document called Australian flag that when selected would send the ausflag.gif image to the reader.

Note: When an image is listed in the HREF attribute of an Anchor tag, many browsers require that the reader have a helper application to view the image.
A helper application is a software program that helps the reader's browser do things like display images, view movies, and play sound.

Here is the Australian flag link as it appears to the reader:

A picture of the Australian Flag.

If you select the Australian flag link above, a helper application will display the image. If your browser doesn't have a helper application, you may be given options to download the image for viewing on another device at a later time.

Can an image be a link?

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