Clickable Images Configuration File - Imagemap

In order to make a Clickable Image available in an HTML document, you need to include an anchor similar to this one:

<A HREF="imagemap-file">
<IMG SRC="image-file" ISMAP ALT=""></A>

Replacing imagemap-file with the name of your configuration file, and image-file with name of the image file. Note that the ISMAP reference in the IMG tag is required.

In order for this to work correctly, the configuration-file specification must have a file type of .map. For example:

Assuming, of course, that OBJECTS.GIF and the document containing this anchor are located in the same directory. Otherwise, you would have to use the full path name when specifying the image source URL.

Remember: You should always specify absolute URL specifications in the configuration file which has the following format for the departmental Personal Web Pages Server:

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