Logging In

If the username and password are correct you will be logged to Windows.You know already from the lesson Obtaining an Account what your user name and password are. If this is your first login you should change your password .

If you mistype the login name or password you’ll be notified that the user does not exist in the specified context and you should try again.

After being logged in you have access to different applications and SW packages by means of drive mappings .
Click on My Computer to see:

• Drive letters A-E assigned to local disks
• Drive letter H is your home directory
• Drive letter K is mapped to application programs(apps)
• Drive letter T is for public domain programs, lecture materials and other software that can be freely copied by students on diskettes.

Open Start Programs to see the applications available to you.

It is assumed that the students will store their data back to their HOME directory (H: drive) before logging out. The users will have full read/write access to their home directories. This concludes this lesson of PC Computing. Please return to the PC Index and continue with the next lesson.


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