Clickable Images Configuration File - Coordinates

Obviously, you need to be able to determine the coordinates that should be used on your image. The coordinates are measured in pixels from the upper-left hand corner of the image. A couple of methods can be used to determine the coordinates of specific pixels in an image.

One method is to use a software application that can display graphic images such as LView on a PC running Windows or XV on an X-Windows system. These applications, as well as several other graphic applications, display the coordinates of the cursor as it is moved over the image.

Another method is to use the one of the ISMAP Tools listed on the World-Wide Web Developer's Page in the Further Reading section of HTML . These tools aid the user in generating the coordinates required for a clickable image configuration file.

Note: Two formats of clickable image configuation files exist on the Web, the CERN format and the NCSA format.

The Electrical and Information Engineering Web Servers use the NCSA format

. Some of the ISMAP Tools may produce both NCSA formatted configuration files as well as CERN format. Choose the one that conforms to the HTTPd server installed .

So, how do I specify the clickable image in my HTML document?

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