Obtaining an Account

  1. When you register at the beginning of your first academic year you will automatically get an account on the Undergraduate System: DIESEL.
  2. If you can't login as described below please contact the administrators of the laboratories or the ITU in Room 412 EFB
  3. Your account will enable you to access a variety of personal computer software and services
  4. On our systems we use the same login name as your intranet user name(to be found on the enrollment form)
    Ama Really Good Student area1234
    Ima Swot iswo4567
  5. The password used on Electrical Engineering computers is not shared with any other networks within the university. For each student we have set your initial password to be the letter "p" followed by your student ID number (which is printed on your student card).
    Name SID Password
    Ama Really Good Student 9620881 p9620881
    Ima Swot 0128932 p0128932
  6. During your first 6logins you may change your password. We strongly recommed that you change your password during your first session . Please note that the password must be at least 5 characters long. For changing the password read a further lesson.
  7. Your Student Account will remain active as long as you are a student at Sydney University.
  8. Very Important:Read the Code of Conduct and Conditions of Use of Computing Facilities

This concludes this lesson of PC Computing. Please return to the PC Index and continue with the next lesson.


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