Sending Files

You can use EMAIL to send a separate document along with the email message.

To send a file, you simply use the following steps:

The dialog also offers radio buttons for chooseing how to send the attachment:

By attaching an HTML page in source format, the recipient of the attachment can use Netscape to view the page fully formatted directly in the Mail window. Use View menu in the Mail window to view attachments either

Several types of files must be encoded before they are sent via electronic mail. Encoding is used to preserve the contents of the file. Our electronic mail system uses a common encoding standard known as MIME (the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions).

MIME is a standard which describes the format of information contained in a mail message. This provides a mechanism to allow for information other than text (such as wordprocessing documents, spreadsheets, graphic images, video, and sounds) to be placed into a mail message. Anyone wishing to receive these types of files must use an electronic mail interface that is MIME compliant.

What types of files can I send?

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