Setting your Default Directory

If you wish to create a Personal Web Page, you must create a file called index.html in your Personal public_html Directory. To access your Personal public_html Directory, enter the command:

cd public_html

In order to make it easier to get started, it is recommended that you rename your Personal Web starting page to index.html by copying and renaming any .html file. Remember, your Personal Web Page must be named index.html or index.htm

You can then make any changes you want to this file by means of any editor like vi , pico, joe under Linux/Unix, or any other HTML editor like FrontPage Editor,  Hot Dog and others.

Note: Many people find it easier to use HTML editors under  Windows95/98/NT which let you think most of the time only to your contents.

You can now make any changes you wish to your Personal Web Page.

How does one view their Personal Web Page?

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