Character Styles

Style tags can be used to give your text a different look when it is displayed by a web browser. HTML has both physical styles and logical styles. It is highly recommended that you use logical styles over physical styles.

Logical styles

<EM>Emphasis</EM> (displays as Emphasis)
<SAMP>Sample</SAMP> (displays as Sample)
<STRONG>Strong<STRONG> (displays as Strong)

Physical styles

<I>Italic</I> (displays as Italic)
<TT>Typewriter Text</TT> (displays as Typewriter Text)
<B>Bold</B> (displays as Bold)

Note that styles are displayed differently by different browsers. For example, LYNX (a text-based browser), displays text marked with B, EM, I, and STRONG tags as underlined text, and text marked with SAMP and TT as normal text.

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