Publishing to the Web Server

There are several ways of publishing documents on the web server:

The easiest way is to use the HTTP PUT (web publishing) feature on your personal computer's Web Browser. FrontPage Explorer, Netscape Navigator Gold or HotDog allow you to create new HTML documents or edit copies of documents from the web server. You can then select the Publish option in the File menu to publish your documents directly to the web server. When you use this method to publish a document, you will be asked to enter the following information:

Note that the username and password are required to validate you to the DIESEL system (which is running the web server), and that you can only publish documents to directories which you have been authorized (like your personal web pages directory or your Department's/Organization's shared web directory).

If Subwebs have been created on the Web Server please ask your lecturer for the name of the subweb to publish to and the access information(subweb author name and password). You will be asked to input them before granted access to publish using the Publish facility from the FrontPage Explorer.

This concludes this lesson of HTML . Please return to the HTML Index and continue with the next lesson.

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