Using the CRO for the First Time

Step One: Switching the CRO On

Step Two: Ensuring the CRO is Calibrated Correctly

Step Three: Adjusting the Trace Position and Appearance

  1. First we set the AC-GND-DC for both Channels A and B to GND. (this should allow us to see a horizontal line across the display)
  2. The next thing that we do is use the Mode Selector to allow us to view channel A on the display.
  3. Now that we can see the position of the trace we use both the Intensity and Focus controls to achieve a clear appearing trace.
  4. Finally we move the trace into the center of the display using the both the Horizontal Position Control and the Vertical Position Control corresponding to Channel A.
  5. Use the Mode Selector to view the trace of Channel B on the display.
  6. Repeat (d).
  7. Finally to check that the above steps have been carried out correctly we can set the Mode Selection Switch to DUAL which will allow us to view both traces on the display
  • As we can see, both traces are in the exact same vertical and horizontal positions as the diagram on the left seems to have only one trace visible.

Step Four: Checking that the CRO is Triggered Correctly

Step Five: Connecting the CRO to the Circuit

Step Six: Measuring the Input Signal

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