Changes for 2008

This page outlines the changes that took place in 2008.

Equivalent ELEC and EBUS units

This table lists the old ELEC and EBUS units which have been replaced, with their new equivalents. If a new unit is listed as "equivalent" to an old unit, any degree requirements on the old unit carry over to the new unit unless there has been a rule change removing any such requirements. The old and the new unit are also prohibited (mutually exclusive). Please visit SIT web pages to find the changes to their units.

Old Unit

New Unit (in 2008)

SOFT1001 Software Development 1 INFO1103 Introduction to Programming
SOFT1002 Software Development 2 INFO1105 Data Structures
SOFT2130 Software Construction 1 COMP2129 Operating Systems and Machine Principles

EBUS3003 E-Business System Design

ELEC3610 E-Business Analysis and Design

EBUS4001 E-Business Engineering

ELEC3609 Internet Software Platforms

EBUS5003 E-Commerce Systems

ELEC5619 Object Oriented Application Frameworks


Old ELEC/EBUS units not replaced

The following units will not be replaced: EBUS3004, ELEC3605, ELEC3606, ELEC5513.


New ELEC units in 2007

These units have no old equivalent.

ELEC5514 Networked Embedded Systems
ELEC5618 Software Quality Engineering