Equivalence of New and Old units

This page provides an overview of the changes to units of study for 2005 and 2006. In particular, it describes the relationship between 2005/2006 units of study and old units.

All ELEC and EBUS units have undergone change for 2005 with the exception of ELEC4702 Practical Experience. The old 4 credit point units have become 6 credit point with a change in unit code and (in many case) a change in title. In most case, the change in content is minimal. Note, however, the situation concerning the 2nd and 3rd year Digital units.

All Science/Commerce units have changed or changing to 6 credit points.

The tables below summarise the changes.

Equivalent ELEC and EBUS units

This table lists the old ELEC and EBUS units which have been replaced, with their new equivalents. If a new unit is listed as "equivalent" to an old unit, any degree requirements on the old unit carry over to the new unit unless there has been a rule change removing any such requirements. The old and the new unit are also prohibited (mutually exclusive).

Old Unit New Unit
EBUS3001 Introduction to E-Commerce Systems EBUS3003 E-Business System Design
EBUS3002 E-Commerce Website Programming EBUS3004 E-Business Programming
EBUS5001 E-Commerce Application Programming EBUS4001 E-Business Engineering
EBUS5002 E-Commerce Systems EBUS5003 E-Commerce Systems
ELEC1101 Foundations of Computer Systems ELEC1601 Professional Computer Engineering
ELEC1102 Foundations of Electronic Circuits ELEC1103 Professional Electronic Engineering
ELEC2102 Engineering Computing ELEC2103 Simulation and Numerical Solutions in Engineering
ELEC2301 Signals and Systems ELEC2302 Signals and Systems
ELEC2491 Introductory Electronics ELEC2104 Electronic Devices and Basic Circuits
ELEC2601 Microcomputer Systems ELEC3607 Embedded Computing
ELEC3101 Circuit Theory and Design ELEC3105 Circuit Theory and Design
ELEC3102 Engineering Electromagnetics ELEC3104 Engineering Electromagnetics
ELEC3201 Electrical Energy Systems ELEC3203 Power Engineering
ELEC3202 Power Electronics and Drives ELEC3204 Power Electronics and Drives
ELEC3302 Fundamentals of Feedback Control ELEC3304 Control
ELEC3303 Digital Signal Processing ELEC3305 Digital Signal Processing
ELEC3401 Electronic Devices and Circuits ELEC3404 Electronic Circuit Design
ELEC3402 Communications Electronics ELEC3405 Communications Electronics and Photonics
ELEC3503 Introduction to Digital Communications ELEC3505 Communications
ELEC3504 Data Communications and the Internet ELEC3506 Data Communications and the Internet
ELEC3601 Digital Systems Design ELEC2602 Digital System Design, and
ELEC3608 Digital Systems Design
ELEC3701 Management for Engineers ELEC3702 Management for Engineers
ELEC3801 Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering ELEC3802 Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering
ELEC4201 Electrical Power Systems ELEC5204 Power Systems
ELEC4301 Computer Control System Design ELEC5303 Computer Control System Design

ELEC4302 Image Processing and Computer Vision

ELEC5613 Image Processing and Computer Vision

ELEC4402 Integrated Circuit Design

ELEC5402 Digital Integrated Circuit Design

ELEC4502 Digital Communication Systems

ELEC4505 Digital Communication Systems

ELEC4503 Error Control Coding

ELEC5507 Error Control Coding

ELEC4504 Wireless Networks, ELEC5504 Cellular Radio Engineering

ELEC5508 Wireless Engineering

ELEC4601 Computer Design

ELEC4605 Computer Engineering

ELEC4602 Real Time Computing

ELEC5614 Real Time Computing

ELEC4604 Engineering Software Requirements

ELEC3605 Engineering Software Requirements

ELEC4701 Project Management

ELEC4706 Project Management

ELEC4703 Thesis

ELEC4707 Engineering Project

ELEC4704 Software Project Management

ELEC3606 Software Project Management

ELEC4705 Interdisciplinary Thesis

ELEC4705 Interdisciplinary Project

ELEC5201 Advanced Power Systems and Markets

ELEC5203 Topics in Power Engineering

ELEC5501 Advanced Communication Networks

ELEC5509 Advanced Communication Networks

ELEC5502 Satellite Communication Systems

ELEC5510 Satellite Communication Systems

ELEC5503 Optical Communication Systems

ELEC5511 Optical Communication Systems

ELEC5506 Optical Networks

ELEC5512 Optical Networks

ELEC5521 Radio Frequency Engineering

ELEC5403 Radio Frequency Engineering

ELEC5522 Antennas and Propagation

ELEC5101 Antennas and Propagation

ELEC5610 Computer and Network Security

ELEC5616 Computer and Network Security

ELEC5611 Advanced Computer Engineering

ELEC5615 Advanced Computer Engineering

ENGG4003 Commercial Engineering Practice

ELEC5701 Commercial Engineering Practice




Old ELEC units not replaced

The following units will not be replaced: ELEC2101, ELEC3103, ELEC3403, ELEC3502, ELEC3603, ELEC4403, ELEC4801, ELEC5301, ELEC5601, ELEC5603, ELEC5604, ELEC5606.

ELEC units new in 2005/2006

These units have no old equivalent.

Interdisciplinary Project

ELEC5513 Network Management and Queuing Theory

ELEC5617 Topics in Software Engineering

Note that ELEC4705 replaces ELEC4707 for BE/BMedSc students only.

Science/Commerce units

The old MATH2001 and MATH2002 will be amalgamated as MATH2061. MATH2005 and SOFT2001will no longer be core requirements. Student for whom MATH2001 and MATH2002 were core requirements and who have completed neither will be required to complete MATH2061. The Science Faculty will make special arrangements for students who have completed one of MATH2001, MATH2002.

Old Unit

New Unit

MATH2001 Vector Calculus and Complex Variables, MATH2002 Matrix Applications

MATH2061 Linear Mathematics and Vector Calculus

MATH2005 Fourier Series and Differential Equations


PHYS2203 Physics 2EE

PHYS2213 Physics 2EE

INFO2000 System Analysis and Design

INFO2110 Systems Analysis and Modelling

INFO2005 Introductory Database Management

INFO2120 Database Systems 1

SOFT2001 Concurrent Programming


SOFT2004 Software Development Methods 1

SOFT2130 Software Construction 1

SOFT3103 Software Validation and Verification SOFT3302 Software Quality Assurance
SOFT3104 Software Development Methods 2 SOFT3301 Software Construction 2
NETS3009 Operating Systems NETS3304 Operating System Internals
CLAW2006 Legal Issues for e-Commerce CLAW2206 Legal Issues for e-Commerce
MKTG3010 Electronic Marketing MKTG3110 Electronic Marketing


A note on Digital units

The changes in the units in the digital area amount, in essence, to an interchange of the 2004 2nd year unit ELEC2601 and the 3rd year unit ELEC3601. For 2005, the following transitional arrangement will be in place:

Semester 1


Semester 2

ELEC3608 (= ELEC3601)

ELEC2602 (= ELEC3601)


ELEC3607 (=ELEC2601)

Note that ELEC3608 will exist only in 2005. There is more information on the effect of these changes on enrolments.